Browser "back" for anchors not returning to top

When I was in early development I’m pretty certain my browser back (Safari 16) was working to return to the top of the page after a jump to an anchor (aka scroll location - same page far down). Now that I’m further along it’s not going back to the top - it goes to the previous page. I also tested in Brave & Chrome - same thing. It would just be nice to have that option for the user.

Of course I’m providing a fixed “back to top” button - but was wondering if there’s a way to have the browser back also return to the spot before the jump?

Work in progress sample… (will be https soon…)

This also shows how I’m dealing with the high word count project mentioned in my previous thread.

I think what you might recall is actually an artifact of the Sparkle preview, that by necessity turns off page caching, so browsers are forced to reload the page and as a side effect scroll to top.

As far as I experienced one must create a back to top-button (at the bottom of your page(s) and create an anchor for it (at the top of the page(s).

One thing I am kind of missing, but this is for all scroll to anchor-fetaures: to have kind of a smooth scrolling, well we will see?

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Yes you can use anchors to set up “back to top”, but there is a quicker way…
Please see visual…

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Thanks - as I mentioned, I had the button already set up (Group/Go To Page in this site/page top) - and it’s sticky (at the page top under the main header/menu…so it’s visible from any anchor point.

The thing I was missing/hoping for was mouse/back to return to the same page point before the anchor jump. (Which is really nice/fast with a Magic Trackpad swipe!) - but alas per Duncan it’s just not what happens.

FlaminFig - how is the Go to External Link/# - different/better than how I set up the button?

Good question @KoKo!..
In the screenshot I have the one button that is Show On All Pages. That one button I have used the external link with the # for the URL. Now all pages will have the back to top of page functionality.

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