Bug Report - Wide Box Color affects other elements

After laying in a wide box and changing it’s color I’m finding that it also changes the outline color saved on other elements, such as buttons or other boxes.
Can’t seem to find a way to disconnect this behavior.
This seems to be connected to if the box element is “sent to back” in arrangement then its color settings override other elements.
Latest version Sparkle.

This usually happens if you change a colour in your palette. For example, you may apply the red colour to your box and decide to edit the colour to make it orange. When you edit the colour, anything else on the page that uses the same red will also change to orange. If you are wanting to create a new colour for the wide box just pick an unused colour from your swatch and edit it to be the new colour. This can then be applied to an element without it affecting other elements. Remember, Sparkle gives you a standard palette of 21 colours. No website will use more than about 5, so you have plenty of remaining unused colours that can be edited.


Interesting behavior - and this fixes the problem. Thanks.

It’s actually good design practice to establish your palette of colours before you start setting out your pages. The palette will remain as part of the project file. This way, you will only use consistent colours in your website - less inclined to accidentally change object colours as the project develops.