Built with Sparkle 5!

Hey! This is my first website made on version 5
Give me your thoughts :slight_smile:


Nice and clean…
Good job! :+1:

Great job as always @soygrafico! :slight_smile: :clap:
I think you main navigation isn’t working?

On a side note what is your take on the tablet device? Are you just focusing on desktop and mobile?
I see the tablet is running your mobile device layout…

@soygrafico I am experiencing the same menu not working problem as mentioned by @FlaminFig

To be still is to experience the essence of being / of the moment etc, with this in mind I feel for me there is just to much distraction with all the movement as you scroll through the website.

I think a little goes a long way, and sometimes we can all forget this.

There are some good idea’s as well! Well done.

Well done, it’s beautiful work. Personally, I don’t think there are too many animations, I think it’s just right :blush:

Great job, simple, clean, not too many colours and gets the messages across using lovely illustrations. Well done!

@FlaminFig my god with your website for new features! I learn a lot!!! Thanks for your feedback, I´ve just updated activating the “automatically scaled” for tablet version. Also the problem with the button “know more” now it works!
thanks @rimram as well! and dude, you have a point there, I never thought about that. On the next updated I will try to clean the chaotic a little :wink:
Muchas gracias! @Allan and @Gordie and all for your feedback! :pray: It’s very very welcome. Have a great weekend!


@soygrafico great website, I have only viewed it on mobile and works good and looks good. I would also say just a few less animations, not much, just a tweek here and there. Great work, well done.

Hey thank you @soygrafico! I’m really glad you got something out of my Sparkle 5 presentation website, and commented so… appreciated! :slight_smile:

Yep I see your buttons working now and it looks great on tablet. Well done! :slight_smile: :clap:

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