Calendar for choosing a trip

We are looking for a solution for a contact form where the client (the visitor of the website) can specify his desired travel period.

Departure: yyyy/mm/dd

Return trip: yyyy/mm/dd

I have not found a solution in the SPARKLE program.

What advice do the experts here in the forum have?

Thanks for the help.

Hello and WELCOME to the community.

You don’t have to be an expert to find the forms in the documentation.

Use a standard text field, make it “required” and set it to “date”.
I’m not sure, but i think the format of the date depends on the local settings of the Mac.

Mr. F.

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Thank you for this answer and the link to suppliers of calendars for an order or booking.

However, I am only looking for a calendar in which the visitor of the website can specify a period in which he can spend his vacation.

So a calendar in which the visitor selects on my form when he wants to go on vacation and when he wants to go back.

A calendar explicitly WITHOUT the possibility to make a booking, but only to communicate a request.

Best thanks for further ideas.

Mr F solution would be great for you.

Create a form, add the date as mentioned, set up correctly the email send, then when anyone fulfill the forms you’ll only receive an email with the informations you’re requiring. Only a request communication and nothing else.

Otherwise you can’t do this dinamically within Sparkle as it is a static website builder.


Can you please be a bit more precise on this.
Show a link to a website or post a screenshot of what you have in mind.
Did you ever try the form with date?

That’s a screenshot of my form with date:

Bildschirm­foto 2023-02-18 um 17.34.04

When selecting the text field, a small calendar appears. But that may depend on browser and OS.

Mr. F.

Hello from a German from Brazil!

Thank you for this attached picture, which is exactly what I had in mind.

Since I plan to buy the program Sparkle, it would be interesting to know if it is possible with this program or if you need an additional program to display this calendar.

If so - how is this calendar integrated into Sparkle?

Best thanks and happy carnival days to all Sparkle forum members.


My page with the form is made with sparkle.
No 3rd pty software used.

As i said, the look may depend on the browser.

Mr. F.

@Pestalozzi have you looked into Sparkle’s monetisation settings?

Hello and thanks for the tip - where can I find these monetization settings?

Hello Mr_Fozzle!

Thanks for the reply - could I get a link to your website and see how this calendar selection works?

Best thanks and best regards

You have a private message!

Mr. F.