Can I change the entire site's fonts with a button?

I am creating a site for the disabled community, Please be gentle. I am an absolute noob at this. There is a new font which is easier to read for people with dyslexia. I would like to have a button that changes all the text on the site to this font.
Is it possible with Sparkle?

@brianK, Oue that is a tricky question!

I don’t believe Sparkle can do that. The only way that i can think of is duplicating your website using that special font and when a User clicks the mentioned-button on your original website they get taken to the duplicated website with the special font living in a subfolder on the server.

Maybe someone else can come up with a better solution?..

Thanks for your reply. If I understand it correctly, for sites with multiple languages there are a site for each language? As I said, I’m a noob.

I don’t think Sparkle can do that. However, if you are using styles (you really should be if you’re not already), then you can update the font for a style and all the text that uses that style will be updated accordingly.