Can I do that with Sparkle?

I have a anim. gif of a tape recorder (rotating the reels) and a png of the same one.
I would like to place the png on top of or near the play button of the audio file. And when I press PLAY the animated gif should be visible. On STOP the png should be on top (stopping the animation).
I know, it’s just a gimmick, but it would be nice, if I could do it with Sparkle.
Every suggestion is welcome.

I believe you can get this effect using a button and popup. On the button, you can place the png file and place the gif on a popup. You set the popup to close when the mouse exits the popup. You need to place both items exactly on top of each other.

Thanks Nathan. I tried that before and tried it again. The problem is that the gif in the popup isn’t animated, at least not in preview. I didn’t try to upload it yet, as I don’t want to mess with my active website. I saved it to disk for viewing, but the give is not moving neither.

Is this what you have in mind?

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Sort of (ideally it would be activated, when the audio file is playing). But thanks a lot!
How did you do it? I don’t see any .gif just jpgs in the button part and nothing (no image) in the popup part.
Edit: Sorry, I overlooked the image in the popup. Now I see the gif. I’ll try with my images and report back.
Thanks again.

EDIT 2: By replacing the images in your Sparkle file IT WORKS! I don’t know exactly why, but thank you VERY MUCH for your time and effort and Happy New Year!


Happy New Year for you too.