Can I save a text box or group for later use?

I’m new to Sparkle. I have text boxes, groups, etc. that I want displayed on most but not all pages. How is that done? Is there a way to store a text box, group, etc. for use at a later time?

Hi @daleh, welcome.

You can use the “Show on all pages” option in the arrange inspector for “reuse”. It’s actually going to be essentially the same element shown in all pages at the same position and with the same settings.

The next step is showing it on only some of the pages. To achieve that you create a site section (from the window bottom-left + button), move some pages into a section, and set the element to be “Show in all pages of this section”.

And the bonus step is positioning an element relative to the page bottom divider, which you can move up and down to make pages different length. In that case you can set the image to “Move with page bottom”, and it will be at the bottom of the page regardless of the page length.

Hope this helps!