Can you place an Image/Video Grid Block within a popup?

A site I’m working on (preschool site) has a number of photos for each classroom, and I would like to be able to place an Image/Video Grid Block within a popup.

I can’t seem to be able to just cut and paste such a grid block into a popup. Any suggestions?

Alternately, maybe when clicking a link, it could open up a Image/Video grid on the same page…that would be nice.

From my experience @TomJr Sparkle doesn’t allow for now the ability to place an Image/Video Grid into a Popup.

Have you thought of placing an Image/Video Grid into a Layout Block and then initially hiding it.
You can then have a button on your website and by clicking it it opens the Image/Video Grid.

You can find out more about Layout Blocks here - Layout Blocks | Sparkle Documentation

I don’t think there is any need to place it into a layout block - I think the image/video grid IS a layout block pre-populated with placeholders. Just add it to the page and, as you suggest, use the ‘Toggle Layout Block visibility’ function on a button to hide/reveal the image/video grid. Popups are best used for displaying larger individual images.

I started to, so let me mess with that a bit. Thanks!

The only issue I’m seeing is that I’m looking to have the image gallery fill the page, but then there is no way to close the gallery? Maybe I’m missing something?

I will try this method too. I’ve been utilizing layout blocks for this site I’m currently working on, and the elements around it move as I move the layout block. Helpful, but I’m hoping the image/video grid can just “popup” over the page when called upon, without moving other elements around. Thanks!

UPDATE: the video/image grid idea works well, now I need to figure how to close it up, as the images would cover the button that activates it.

If you’re using the layout block visibility option on a button, it shouldn’t cause you any problem. The layout block (Grid) will open at the place where it is placed and push the page content downwards as it reveals itself. Therefore, your toggle visibility button should remain view on the page,

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I tried this this morning, and placed a grid down, and it did as you suggested. However, I had non-layout block elements in the layout, and just moved the layout block in between them. So that’s a good workaround.

Thanks for your help!

All you have to remember is that the image/video grid IS a layout block, so it can be hidden or displayed without having to embed it in another layout block. Hope it all works for you.

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Thanks! I appreciate the help.