Can'r find blog customize popup

I am creating a blog and I would like to have the index only have the title and a brief paragraph about each page.
Right now each entire blog pages contents are on the index page and that’s pretty long.
I see I should be able to customize the index page’s contents but I can’t find this popup:

Can anyone tell me where it is hiding?
Or how to accomplish my goal?



That is strange @maxim
What you have in your screenshot - The View Index/RSS Summary should be clickable allowing you to summarise your blog post which shows itself on the Blog Index page.

Are you using the latest Sparkle V4.5?
If you are you might want to bring this up with @duncan to see what could be going on.

Yes, I am using Sparkle 4.5.1
That little screenshot is from the Blog documentation page.
I simply don’t know how to find it.
Can you tell me which page I should select to find it?

Oh got you…

When you create a blog post there will be two pages created… The Blog Index page and your Blog Post. As you have mentioned the Blog Post fully shows up on the Blog Index page.

Whilst you are in your Blog Post page then you will note the edit blog post icon in the top left , slightly above your canvas. By clicking it you’ll see your screenshot and if everything is correct you’ll see you can click on the Index/RSS Summary, which will take you to anther page allowing you to totally arrange, rearrange, take away or add to.

As you make changes on this Index/RSS Summary page you will see your Blog Index page updating. Once you are done you have to exit and go back to View Full Blog Post to carry on with your Blog Post.

Thank you!
Now, when I select an individual post I see that icon.

Is it correct that any edits I make after selecting “Customize Index/RSS Summary” will only affect what appears on the index page?
In other words, the index listing is altered but the blog post page is unaffected?

I will play around with it and see what happens.


Great you found it! :slight_smile:

Yes to your question… All edits you make when the “Customise Index/RSS Summary” is selected will only affect what appears on the Blog Index page.
Have fun! :slight_smile:

In Sparkle’s preview my index page appears OK now.
But when I upload it I see a page of html code starting with the following. Any idea what is going on?

<?php ini_set('default_charset','UTF-8');header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8');header('Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, max-age=0');header('Cache-Control: post-check=0, pre-check=0', false);header('Pragma: no-cache'); ?> BLOG — Index <?php
$pages = 10;
$page = (isset($_GET['page']) ? $_GET['page'] : 1);
if($page < 1) {
    $page = 1;

This is just the start of the html…it goes on and on…

Yes, the Blog Index page works with a bit of PHP to allow for the rich-features.
I wouldn’t worry about it. Duncan & Daniel have fine-tuned things with the Blog and this is how Sparkle generates the code on Publishing.

So all good! :slight_smile:


The blog index page must have the .php ending. Did you make it .html? You uploaded with the inbuilt publish routine?

In the live page you should not see any code. I checked my test blog index, and the code you post here is not seen in the source code either.

Your PHP version is up to date? 8.xx is probably the best to use.

Mr. F.