Can't rename file names (Pictures)

Yep, as far as I know the latest Catalina runs smoothly …
… but, believe it or not, I still have 2 apps that I use that are 32-Bit only, so right now I can’t install Catalina.
One of the apps is … iWeb. Ta-da! :smile: :flushed:
Yes. I know. Hahaha! :grin:
I still have to transfer two websites from iWeb to Sparkle, so until that is done, I think I better wait …

I’m a musician using Logic and last time I’ve updated nothing worked anymore. I just know as soon as I update to the latest OS, the same will happen. Not worth the risk! :smile:

Yes. I totally understand. Each update brings with it its own headaches. :exploding_head: :grin:

Once you publish an image, Sparkle tries hard to keep the filename identical for identical content. The reason is a file with unchanged name doesn’t need to be re-uploaded and more importantly doesn’t need to be re-downloaded by the browser visiting the site.

Similarly importantly, the same mechanism ensures a file with different content has a different filename – it’s crude but the name is the only thing browsers identify, so this is needed to prevent images distorting or showing up in the wrong places.

Arguably this should still be overridable, but it currently isn’t.

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