Changed or removed the blue outline from the search to

Can I remove the blue border from the search tool, or change its color?
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Hi @GiannisGeniatakis, you can change the colour and shape of the search box. Select the search element which you have placed on the page and then click again on either of the two boxes. The one you click on will then highlight and you can make your changes. Is that what you are looking for?

…Or it might be a browser thing?

I checked all the color related fields. The blue border appears every time I select the search field whether I’m in Safari or Chrome. I conclude that it is probably a sparkle default and not a browser issue.
If I’m wrong, let me guide who knows.

Is your website live? Can you send us a link to it to see how it behaves on our end.

Good morning. Under construction. At the moment I can only preview it through browsers. If, however, the blue is related to the sparkle default, you will probably see the same color in your search tool, if not, then I have made some adjustment to the color unintentionally.

No, I don’t see the blue on my end when I Preview.
If I set the focus to Blue then I see blue. Maybe experiment and the turn the focus off and see what happens, or try change the colour of the focus ring?

You can turn that off in Sparkle.
The color comes from the Mac system settings, i guess.

Hi @GiannisGeniatakis,

that’s a “focus ring”, a system indication that a text field is the focus of the user interface and keyboard input goes there.

The Sparkle site search widget is a composition of a text field and a submission button, kind of like a group that you can’t ungroup.

So if you select the site search element, then click again on the text field part, you will select just that part. Scroll down in the settings to the “Look” section and turn off the “Focus ring” checkbox.

This should solve the issue.

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duncan good morning thank you for the solution. Indeed, by deselecting the “focus ring” the blue ring does not appear. Is it possible to change the color?

Sparkle doesn’t currently have a setting for the focus ring color

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