Clock cogs photos presentation

I take a lot of photos in the course of clock restoration work for documentation purposes. I just added one more page to my site where I put several photos of clock cogs. My intention was to present clocks interiors in a rather free way, hence the title of the page is On the Margin of Photo Documentation: na marginesie

Hope you will enjoy clock cogs.


Looks like you have had a lot of fun in creating your website! Well done! :slight_smile: :clap:

I’m trying figure out how you got the cogs rotating in a random way? CSS perhaps?

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Nicely done.

The only negative comments, I’d make – and I am just nit-picking – are that perhaps the drop shadows are a little too heavy. I’d just reduce the opacity to around hal of what it is now.

Secondly, it is great that you have animated it, but anyone who knows anything about clocks will know that escape wheels don’t rotate in that way. My father was a clock and watch repairer, so I lived and breathed them when I was a kid and that escape swinging back and forth is particularly annoying.

The embossed type, both in font and execution, needs work to be plausible (my day job is typographically-obsessed designer)

Overall, impressive job though.

Hi FlaminFig,

yes, Sparkle gives a lot of fun to work with.

No CSS just Swing from Scroll Effects.

Thank you for your kind words.

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Hi Sprout,

I do appreciate your astute remarks, thank you.

It is pleasure to meet a person who can identify an escape wheel.
As I mentioned this page was meant to be informal and I used this swing animation as it is close to pendulum movement so obviously associated with a clock.

Thank you once more.

When I was around 12-13 years old, one afternoon in the school holidays, when I had nothing to do, he gave me an old 8-day movement and some tools and said something like, ‘Have fun son and take that to pieces’. After about half an hour, I proudly went back to him with all the pieces now strewn across a piece of newspaper.

‘Now put it back together’

Took hours and hours to figure it out. Once I’d done it, he just smiled and said, ‘Next time, you’ll remember the order you took things apart’

Hi Zbr, very nice page and I appreciate your patience in creating it !
When you click on the contact, the email will show the text (null) next to the subject and in the message. Just put a space in the subject field and then delete it and the same in the message field and everything will be fine. I solved this recently :slight_smile:
Thanks for the inspiration

Hi Josef,

many, many thanks for the email tip! Maybe you could create a topic to let others know it?

Thank you for the kind words and I would be honoured if you find any inspiration in my work.