Community Application for Apple iPhone

So one thing that I think would be really awesome would be the creation of a community.sparkleapp for iPhone (and Mac), the reason why I think it would be awesome would be to have the functionality of push notifications. I have created a shortcut of the browser link on my phone but obviously this does not allow for push notifications.

I do think this would be awesome, especially with a community as wonderful as the one we have here.

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Thanks for the suggestion. This community is based on the Discourse webapp, maybe there are general purpose mobile apps that do that?

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It’s a pleasure Duncan. I’ll have to dust off the ol’ Discord application again. I’m not sure if there are other applications that would be able to do it, haven’t tried any, I do understand that if you were to create an application it would be a wire frame for the application (don’t think that is the correct term for it, a bit rusty with app development) and inside it you would basically place a Web app interface, the only difference would be that one is an actual application that could have functions like notifications whereas creating a link on your phones home screen would do the same but without all the features like push notifications. So there are probably applications that could do that. Thanks for the suggestion Duncan, I didn’t think of that.

@Anti0606 Discourse is not Discord by the way :wink:

I don’t need a app, the forum works perfectly on my iPad and iPhone, even the notification works with the web version.