Contact Form Problem

Hi all, been using Sparkle for a couple of years and love it, but suddenly I have a problem, my contact form has stopped functioning after working perfectly for a few years. Very strange. My web host ( notified me they were no longer supporting php5 and that I needed to do something about it. Their website allows me to select php7.4, which I have done, but I cannot get the contact form to send the emails to me. Any ideas? I have fiddled about a bit (lethal that) and am also asking, do I save the contact form as an html or a php?

I am not very techie wise, so any help in plain English much appreciated.


There’s no single answer to this.

The contact form thank you page needs to be PHP, that’s where the email sending is happening.

It sounds like 1&1 changed their infrastructure for the PHP switch (Sparkle works fine with PHP 7.x), it is possible that they changed the email setup as well.

Could you follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the form documentation:

You ‍can ‍use ‍a ‍third ‍party ‍service ‍to ‍check ‍how ‍the ‍email ‍fares ‍in ‍the ‍eyes ‍of ‍spam ‍filters, ‍and ‍work ‍from ‍there ‍on ‍improving ‍the ‍quality.
‍One ‍such ‍service ‍is ‍ ‍When ‍you ‍visit ‍the ‍site ‍you ‍get ‍an ‍email ‍address ‍you ‍will ‍place ‍as ‍destination ‍in ‍your ‍form ‍settings, ‍then ‍publish ‍the ‍site ‍and ‍use ‍the ‍contact ‍form. ‍Now ‍going ‍back ‍to ‍ ‍will ‍show ‍what ‍the ‍spam ‍filters ‍see ‍and ‍possibly ‍suggest ‍corrective ‍measures.

I am completely frustrated, I still cannot get the contact form to function. I completely deleted my old form, which worked perfectly until recently, designed a new one and uploaded it. As far as I can recall I have used all the same parameters, but clicking on the send button does nothing, I now don’t even get a response from the ‘Thank You’ page.

I have set the selector at my host tp php 7.4 for the website.

Ok time for details then. What’s the address of the form? Can you share a screenshot of the settings? Privately at if you prefer.

A few minutes ago it worked, and I received the email of text inputs. Tried it again 5 minutes later and no joy.

How do I send a screenshot? Sorry I am not very tech savvy! I am on a Mac

This sounds like a spam filtering issue. Please follow the troubleshooting step from the documentation I mentioned above.

OK, will try that and see what comes back, will also fathom out how to send a screenshot if it is needed.


That’s CMD-shift-3 for the whole screen, CMD-shift-4 for a selection, CMD-shift-5 (mojave and later) for the new screenshot UI. Adding CTRL on the first two places the screenshot on the clipboard, without places it on the desktop.

I am sorry, for being so stupid, I have the screenshot on my clipboard but cannot fathom out how to send it to you/attach it in the forum.

I hope this helps.


Thanks. That field on a new line is odd. Would you send the project file to

I have noticed that when copying and pasting a form (or duplicating a form page) it does not bring along the elements collected. They have to be checked off again. Is this by design?

It’s a bug. The form button should hook up to the new fields.

Another possible issue is with validation. If the user selects a field that requires validation but enters nothing (has to click in the field), then goes to another field and types something, the form can be sent without all required validation fields actually containing any text.

Not really. Please send a sample project and we’ll look at what the issue is.

Just checked again… Operator error. Safari must have had a cached page that did not have validate checked. Page refresh fixed it. Working fine.