Contact form thankyou.php hosted as AWS Lambda and API Gateway

Does anyone have experience in hosting the contact form (thank you.php) using AWS Lambda with custom runtime? Introducing the new Serverless LAMP stack | AWS Compute Blog

Hi @viraf, welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

No experience with AWS, but I did have a read of your link.
Knowing website builds for the most part are simple in nature and that goes for the hosting as well, I feel the AWS LAMP is overkill for a Sparkle website.

We host our clients on a native Linux-based (with cPanel) hosting platform running the most up to date PHP and have never had any issues with the “thankyou.php” page.

If you configure Sparkle to send email to a custom SMTP server, there is no local email delivery so the lambda just needs to be a very simple PHP environment.

Setting up that is all about configuring the lambda in a way that mimics a standalone server, with relation to the very little amount of PHP code in the Sparkle thank you page, so I would imagine the default for a PHP-running lambda would work or be very close.

However I don’t have experience or knowledge of how that’s done, so can’t really help you there.