Cookie Banner like borlabs

Hello, in germany is the privacy change almost everyday…the big problem is the tracking from third countries. Does Sparklè became a cookie banner like borlabs or cookiebot? I cant change the Layout, or do sparkle have a javaskript code for more opt-in ?
See a pic for example

Our reference for cookie law in germany is this:

The solution in Sparkle is this:

Sparkle sites don’t vend statistical or marketing cookies, so unless you have are self hosting a statistical or marketing package you don’t need to include those.

Sparkle’s “OK” is enabling third party content with third party cookies, by adding the deny button as mentioned in the post I referenced, the visitor can reject third party cookies.

Cookiebot etc are just trying to make it look more complicated than it already is.

Worth saying I’m not a lawyer and if you want legal advice you should consult one.