Dear All,
does anyone know, how to build a Cookie-Opt-In-Banner? As I understand this is a must have know within the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’.
Thanks, c.

Dear @Carola

This “cookie banner” should be created automatically if you activate it in the privacy settings, according to the Sparkle documentation:

And here’s the German version:

Is this what you were looking for?


Absolutely! Great, great, great. Thanks so much. LOVE Sparkle :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Great. I see you already applied it on your site. :+1::blush:

I love the green colour on your website. It’s a fresh, modern look.

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Can someone tell me, how to put this on the HOME page. When I click privacy it generates a new page, but I woul like to have this button on the first page. Would be nice if someone could help me out.

@geneprofi, I think you’ll find it is entry page-aware so if someone for the first time enters your site other than the home page it will trigger, but of course if they enter your home page it will trigger as well.

As I understand this, this extra site created when activating the privacy settings is just for the making of the cookie banner. When published on a Webserver the cookie banner will appear on your website’s pages as a banner…

Very sorry it’s confusing, but in the published website the privacy banner will appear on all pages.

Thanks Duncan, I checked it now, I had to try it on the server, because with the preview mode (local) it doesn’t display it. But thanks a lot, I appreciate!

hi all together,
my questions is: why can I see in addition to the banner and the okay button also a deny and an erase button on sparkle app but they never appear live? what is wrong with me?
thanks a lot in advance.