Copy-Pasted Items - Remain linked to each other?

I’m not sure if I’m having an issue or not, which is why I’m asking the question…

If I copy any Sparkle-core element lets say a “box”, and paste it elsewhere - even another page, do these two elements remain linked in their status/preferences, such as if I change the color of one, will it’s copied brother also get that color-change? Or are they supposed to be completely separate elements?

It’s not you, it’s Sparkle. It’s an undocumented feature or design flaw depending on your perspective and usage. Drove me crazy until I figured out what was happening. It also happens on different devices and when using “copy/paste style”.

For me it’s a design flaw because I had to stop duplicating elements and copy/pasting style. If there’s a way to toggle that action off/on, or if we’re missing something, let us know @duncan.

Sorry I’m confused, I think you are talking about multiple bugs and different use cases. Happy to look at the issues, though it’s best if you email

As usual for a bug report:

  • start from a blank project
  • describe how to get to a point where a problem happens
  • describe what you expect to happen
  • describe what happens instead
  • provide a sample project before the problem, in addition to the description above (not instead of)


I think I have an example of this:
In a text box I have a list of protocols in the form of pdfs - one on each line linking to a file:
Protocol 2020-06-01.pdf
Protocol 2020-07-01.pdf
Protocol 2020-08-01.pdf

When I want to add a new protocol to the end of the list I click ‘return’ to move to a new line.
I start writing:
Protocol 2020-09-01.pdf <— now has the same link as the one before, but I want to link it to a new file. I link it to the new file.
If I do that Protocol 2020-08-01.pdf gets its link replaced by that new link.

What I need is to cut off the link between the two, so each has its own link.

I do it now by first removing the link for both (though the previous is correct), then go back and give Protocol 2020-08-01.pdf back its original link, then give the new Protocol 2020-09-01.pdf its new link.
Or, I copy Protocol 2020-08-01.pdf and on the next line paste it, then modify the date, remove the link. Then give it the new link. Then go back to the original and give it back its proper link.

I would prefer to copy and paste, then modify - without affecting the previous line’s link. Some easy way to cut off a link from future text. Maybe an option-return or option-command-v?

I hope I made it clear.

You shouldn’t have to go through that scenario. Just add your new link and then carefully select the text (from right to left) so that only that line of text is highlighted. Then change the link that got carried over. Alternatively, when you add a new line, change the link BEFORE you start typing the new link text.

Thank you francbrowne for the tip. It is simpler, but not very intuative. I will try to use it next time.
But still, I wish there was some way to switch from linked text to un-linked, more like switching from regular to bold or italic.

Another linked (pun not intended) detail. The font colour switches to default in spite of having copy&pasted. Have to redo it every time - for all devices. A nuisance.

Perhaps you should create a link style and just apply that when you create a link!!

Thanks again francbrowne.