Copying a range of pages

How to copy a range of pages ?

The intent is to paste that copy into another page.


Joseph O’Laughlin

Hi @jol, not currently possible, you need to copy the contents page by page. We are aware of the issue and hope to address it soon.

@duncan: I tried that: Selected all of one page (pictures and text) copied it, selected the other sparkle file, created a new page … but I cannot paste the copied content. What do I do wrong?
My goal: I want to have an English and a German version of the same pages. I started with one sparkle file in German. After completing one page, I duplicated the file and saved it with a different name. Then I inserted the English text into the text boxes. After some adjustments, everything looked good.
Now I added a second page to the German file, and just wanted to copy it over to the English file to replace the text, but cannot do it. Is there a way around this problem?

@chrisMF Publish your German Sparkle file to your web server, open your English Sparkle file, go to the Insert menu, Import Page, and enter the URL of the English page or Browse to it, then Import Page.

I’m not sure why copy/pasting wouldn’t work for you. Works here…

@chrisMF, Another way is just “duplicate” your website after you have finished it and then covert it to your intended language. But if you were to add pages then @thetravelhikelife idea is a good one.

But it is strange though because I haven’t had any issues copying a chunk of elements from one page to another Sparkle document. Also if you copy from a 960 device then you should paste into a 960 device to allow for a better transition and less work…

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Thank you all for your quick replies. I have no idea why copy/paste doesn’t work. I didn’t try just junks, only tried the whole page (lots of pictures and text). I tried also by eliminating the background box (not background) - that didn’t help. As I didn’t want to publish yet, I successfully tried @thetravelhikelife suggestion but choosing the published (export to disk) connection, which worked. Only the text around a picture didn’t work and had to be adjusted, but I had to adjust the text boxes anyway, as German and English is also different in length - at least with my translations.

As I will have more pages to insert into an existing sparkle page, I will try copy/paste again, hoping to find out why it didn’t work. Could it be that different font presets (title, body etc.) could be the reason?
I’ll report back when I find out.
For the time being I can live with @thetravelhikelife suggestion. Thanks again.

ALERT: I just found out that with this method the “Zoom Image in Lightbox” function of the pictures doesn’t work! I have to check, if copying the “images” folder helps.

Finally: After additional hours I could solve the problem by copy/pasting the pictures from the German version in small groups, then copy/pasting English textboxes, I already had inserted in my failed page. Going to and fro was not very intuitive but in the end it worked.
I still don’t know why copy/paste of the whole page didn’t work, but in small junks it works. Maybe it was the many pictures that are all “Zoom in Lightbox” activated, but that’s just a guess.