Couldn't save publish settings

When I publish my Sparkle website, I click “Save and publish”. It does publish successfully, but it also gives the message that is the heading of this message above, with the added explanation “The user name or passphrase you entered is not correct.” This means I have to enter the publish information over and over again, every time I publish. I obviously do not want to reveal my passphrase here, but it was assigned by my web service and contains alphanumerics and punctuation signs. My user name is bland and is surely not the problem. Any ideas as to whether I am doing something wrong? Or is this a Sparkle bug?

Doesn’t look like a sparkle error to me. Can you show me a screenshot of that?

Here is the screen shot.

Thanks. Yes that looks like a keychain error message. I’m not sure what might have brought to that. You could try opening “Keychain Access” and locking then unlocking the login keychain.

Yes that did the trick. Thank you. You have pointed out this solution to other similar problems of mine and I keep forgetting. My apologies.