Counting downloads, suggestions?

Hello everyone!
I have a need to have a file download and infect downloads. Does anyone have any solutions? I was thinking of making it so that once I download the file I get an email, but the two actions I think on Sparkle can’t be done at the same time…
Any suggestions?


Okay, I solved it this way and I’m writing it here. Maybe this trick can be useful to someone. I created a page and added a button with a call to action for sending an email. Then, I created another page representing the thank-you page that appears after submitting the form, where there is no actual thank-you message but links to download the files. This way, every time a user presses the button to download the files, I receive an email notification. By pressing the button, they arrive on the page where they presumably download the files. This way, I don’t have a 100% certainty that the files will be downloaded, but I know that when I receive the email notification, at least someone is visiting the page to download the files, giving me an idea of the potential number of times those files have been downloaded…