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Bonjour à tous,
J’aurais besoin d’un petit coup de main.
Je cherche la façon de mettre un calendrier sur mon site.
Je veux une simple feuille avec le mois et les jours que je lierais avec une fenêtre quand il y a un événement sur celui-ci. Quelque chose de simple.
Dans Sparkle, il y a bien un widget calendrier, mais il faut s’abonner et ça l’air compliqué.
Merci pour votre aide.

Hello everyone,
I could use a little helping hand.
I am looking for a way to put a calendar on my site.
I want a simple sheet with the month and days that I would link with a window when there is an event on it. Something simple.
In Sparkle, there is a calendar widget, but you have to subscribe and it looks complicated.
Thanks for your help.

Hi @POLO44,

It appears no one has come back to you on this. Currently in Sparkle there is no facility to directly create an interactive calendar. You will have to sign up for a calendar account somewhere. There are many. The one I use is You sign up and pay a fee and once you have configured your calendar the way you want it to look, just copy the code and embed onto your page. I hope this helps a little. Good luck.

Thank you for your reply. I looked at the site and created an account. It’s a bit complicated for me.
thanks again

Salut Polo :blush:

I think the simplest free solution is to create a calendar using Google Sheets (equivalent to Excel online) and embed it on your website. Here’s how to proceed:

Once you’ve created your calendar, click on File at the top > Share > Publish to the web > Embed > Publish.
A code starting with <iframe> will be displayed. You just need to copy and paste it into the embed on Sparkle, and resize the embed as you like.

Je pense que le plus simple comme solution gratuite est de créer un calendrier avec Google Sheet (équivalent d’Excel en ligne) et de l’intégrer sur ton site via un embed. Voici comment procéder :

Une fois ton calendrier crée, clique en haut à Fichier > Partager > Publier sur le web > Intégrer > Publier.
Un code commençant par <iframe> s’affichera. Il te suffira de le copier et de le coller dans l’embed sur Sparkle, et de redimensionner l’embed comme tu le souhaites.

Si tu as besoin de plus d’aide, n’hésite pas!

Thanks Allan for your help.
I looked at Google sheet and it’s true that for putting it online, it’s perfect, but you have to create the calendar and that’s more complicated for me. I found models on the internet, but not as I would like. I abandoned this idea, I found another solution to inform the events with the tools of Sparkle and especially without advertising for Google. I put you the link of my site: Calendrier des Bals Août
Thanks again for reply.

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