Create Facebook group

I was thinking about creating a Facebook group for Sparkle beginners who have zero experience (like myself). Can I do that? When I was learning Wordpress, I joined a wordpress for beginners group and it helped me tremendously. I no longer use Wordpress, too much of a headache, but I often find myself lost with Sparkle. What do you think?

There is a facebook group already, though we don’t have the resources to monitor it, and quite frankly I don’t want to contribute anything to meta, I truly despise the company and their behavior.

Anything wrong with posting questions here? We have topics, can paste images, can reply in threads… not sure how facebook would make any of this better.


Much better here in this forum, yes. This is by far one of the fastest forum from my experience.

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I appreciate all the help and really quick responses! Thanks!!!

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Much better here. Not everyone’s on Facebook.


Quite frankly, I agree about Facebook. Social media is a misnomer. Data mine and too much magical thinkin.