Creating a site map

Hi folks, sorry it might be a stupid question, but I’ve never thought about creating a site map. Now that optimizing my website for Google I’m asked for it.
How do I create a site map with Sparkle 4???

Many thanks in forward


ist depends on what Type of sitemap you want to achieve.
A visual Sitemap showing all links of your Homepage as a visual Guide for visitors I have done simply as a list on a Page called sitemap.html,

If you are looking for sitemap xml this is done automatically by Sparkle itself (after you published your site to your host, have a look at your files thru an ftp program).

Sparkle does the sitemap Google wants, by turning on the “search engine metadata” checkbox in the search engine settings, and republish your site. There generally is no need to submit it to Google once you enabled it, because it’s in a conventional location and search engines should find it automatically. But the address is going to be


Many thanks Duncan, I wasn’t aware on these facts.

Hi community, just wanna check if this is a normal behavior. After marking “Search engine-control” and saving my site, the mark is gone after reopening site. No difference if website is uploaded or not.

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I apologize :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Mr. F.

A bug. Got it, thanks.