Creating On Click link is not working

When I was going through my home page and other pages to make some changes it said that it would create a new document and save it in another location since I was using version pro 2.8.11. I paid for the upgrade to the pro version to 5.2.2 two days ago and when I try to save a page I get the spinning beach ball and when I select to force quit it says that Sparkle is not responding.

I have noticed that every time I want to save a page, it takes forever to save the document and many times I have to force quit because Sparkle is not responding.

I deleted the app and reinstalled it and I am having the same problem. I have one page out of 40 that I have on my website that will not load via my home page link to that page. I have checked all the other pages and the links work when I select preview of my home page except this one. I have deleted the page and created a new one, and it works in the preview mode.

I now see that went I create a link On Click, I select go to page in this website, select the page, select page top, and select open in a new page. I can see that this is adding # instead of "

This is adding the symbol # where all of my other links add the open ”

The live preview shows open”localhost:14444/page

This is the problem and I am trying to find a way to see the html code for this link to change it but I don’t think that Sparkle will give me the html view to correct this problem.


Hi @daisymay
Yes Sparkle generates the html on the fly when you Publish so you have no access to pre-launch html.

I think it is best to send your project to @duncan at
The reason being is that I have noticed bringing in pre version 5 documents into Sparkle 5 exhibits the issues you have been mentioning.

Thank you, I will send my question to Duncan.