Creating template from website?

Can a template be made from a sparkle website?
By me?

Everyone can with the right effort to learn Sparkle.
It is totally up to you if you can or not.

A good teacher can direct the student to the “right effort” AND how to apply it.


Not really sure what you are asking here?..
Sparkle doesn’t have any special button to convert a manually built Sparkle website to a template if that is what you are asking?

Perhaps there is a procedure to do it ?


I’ve built several Sparkle templates ( and with Sparkle I have started from scratch on all of them. Yes there is also design sketches and wire framing involved before building it out in Sparkle.

You could import a website you like and then rearrange / modify it somewhat plus change out images and content so to make it yours and not an outright copycat of what you imported.

You can also use Sparkle’s AI website builder assistant giving you the ground work for a website, but again you will need to do the work to make yours.


Perhaps you are assuming the wrong things. There are no templates in Sparkle, as we know it from word processing.

There are no “Save as template” or “Create new page from template” options.

What is often described as a “template” is nothing more than a page created in Sparkle, which only contains placeholders for images and “Lorem ipsum” text, as well as the possible layout and color play. It is a suggestion for the design. You open the page and duplicate it accordingly.

Mr. F.