Creating URL's with Sparkle

Hello everyone, I’m new to making websites and just a have question about URL’s on Sparkle.

I am looking to change my URL from to I know it can be done with Wordpress using plugins, but I’m just wondering how I can accomplish this with Sparkle?


This is called clean URL’s. Essentially, each page of your website is an index.htm file that is published in its own folder. In your example, the folder would be called page. The folder is essentially a substitute for the page name. When a link is created to a folder, any index.html file within the folder will be automatically displayed.

I don’t think Sparkle currently has a clean URL’s export option so you would have to create your site as individual one-page websites - each one saved to a folder in the root of your domain. This would mean manually creating the navigation links to point to folders rather than pages.

The alternative is to create an htaccess file on your server that can effectively rewrite your URL’s. This can be messy and difficult for the novice to implement, so best to stay away from that option unless you know what you’re doing.

Hello @MarkP

You can find more information about “clean URLs” in the official Sparkle documentation:

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Thanks for your response francbrowne. I did not know they were called clean URL’s. I will try the option to create separate folders and play around with that. Thanks again.

Thanks for the link Shadowfax.