Cropping images

I may have missed this, but how do I crop images within Sparkle?

It would be a nice feature @Gillian, but from my understanding it isn’t possible at the moment…

Thank you, it is more than a nice-to-have, truly hope that Sparkle introduces this soon

It’s sometimes easy to forget that Sparkle is an app designed for the Mac. This means you can very quickly open your image in Apple Preview before importing it into Sparkle (even while sparkle is running). You can then crop/size the image and save it back, with a new name if you want to preserve the original image, and then use the cropped image in your sparkle project. It takes no longer to do that than if you had a cropping option in Sparkle.


Yup…Command K
Krop :grin:

I use Photos rather than Preview to crop/edit so this is a useful reminder, thanks. However, often I only see where the pic needs to be cropped after inserting it into Sparkle so it would still be a useful tool to have within the app