Dealing with a *sometimes* multi-line title text field

I run a blog site with a mobile version available. I have an issue with the Search Results page on mobile platform. I don’t know how to define the height of the title text box.

Some…not all…of my blog post titles are long and require two lines on the mobile platform. If I set the title text box height for a single line, the long titles are cut off. If I set the text box height for a double line, I get a blank line between the title and the blog post snippet which looks awful on the mobile device.

Any advice?

p.s. This issue is avoided on desktop since I have more characters available on one line.

@DaverD, screenshot please…

Thank you @FlaminFig. I provide three screen shots. The first is mobile search results where the Text Block - Page Title has a height of 15. You can read the bolded titles and pick out those that cut off due to the length of the title relative to the amount of space available.

The second is the same results where the height is 30. Note how the 2nd line encroaches on the blog post snippet. If I were to raise the bottom of the title up so that there is no encroachment, then there will be a gap between the title and the snippet when the title is only takes up one line.

The third snippet expands the scope of my question. It shows the Sparkle design screen for this search results page. Where are the outlines for the layers? When a layer is part of the device (e.g. Show on Device is checked), there is supposed to be a light gray box representing the layer. It is not visible. When either the Page a layer within the Text Block - Page snippet or Text Block - Page Title clicked nothing appears. I know it’s there due to the output. However, I don’t see here within Sparkle.

Lastly, I wish there was a way to put in a separator between the search result entries. I do not like the way it look in Mobile.

You can get more control @DaverD by clicking once into the Search Results template. Then click again over the first entry - the Title and Paragraph…

You will see the container light up. Now you can click again and you will gain access to the Title box and the paragraph box where you can further style the text and give spacing. By doing this you will notice it affects the whole Search Results template…

I’m sure this will fix your issue! :slight_smile: :+1:

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