Desktop showing mobile view?

Lately, on Safari on my iMac running Version 13.1.1 (15609., whenever I type my web address, I get to view the mobile site (with hamburger menu). It only happens with Safari. (tried other browsers and is fine) tried clearing cache, restart but no success. The site shows up as desktop version on my wife’s iMac running Safari. I must have messed up somewhere? Does anyone have any ideas?

Check your “page settings” in Safari; you might have inadvertently selected a manual zoom setting.
Other than that, I’d double-check the last upload sent to your hosting service; maybe clearing out old info and re-loading your site from Sparkle would clear it? Dunno, this is a new one…

You are so smart. That is exactly what it was (manual Zoom). Now it is fixed. Thank you for your help.