Developer Tools

I just downloaded and installed Sparkle 5.2.3 The “Your License…” page shows that Developer Tools are available with a Sparkle Pro license which I would have if I upgrade from 4 Pro. All the other items in “Your License…” have prices beneath the description except for Developer Tools.

What is the price of these Developer Tools?

I develop macOS software and sell it through FastSpring. Currently I’ve integrated FastSpring into my website but that requires manually adding a script into the header and then tweaking the Sparkle generated code for a standard button. The downside to this is that every time that I regenerate the page, I have to manually do the FastSpring changes.

Is this something that I could insert with the Developer Tools without doing it manually?

Sparkle’s documentation for their Buy Button list of vendors does not include FastSpring. Does the Buy Button in Sparkle 5 provide for adding a new Merchant of Record to it?

If it doesn’t then obviously, I’d have to make changes to Sparkle 5 code as well.


Did you scroll down to the very end of this screen? In german it says EUR 120,- (minus 1 cent :wink: )

Mr. F.

Thanks Mr. F. The scroll bar is all the way down and no price there. My currency converter shows that as $128.22 US. I haven’t upgraded to Sparkle 5 so maybe the price is only shown after an upgrade.

@macindigo, before you go down the Developer Tools’ road have you tried using a Sparkle Embed widget allowing you to place the script once and Sparkle will publish it every time you make an update without you touching it again?

I did try the embed technique but I still have to tweak the button code to run the script. The strange thing is that once code has been embedded, I’ve not found a way to view, edit or delete the embedded code. There’s not a lot of documentation on the embed function.

The payment widget is the one that doesn’t support FastSpring. Perhaps there is a way to embed the script into the payment widget and tweak it for FastSpring.

I can understand why the Developer Tools are an add-on but am rather surprised that they aren’t included with a Sparkle license at no cost.

Hi @macindigo,

the developer tools are $99.99 plus sales tax, the European prices reflect the included VAT.

As to why they aren’t included, per the documentation:

‍Sparkle ‍is ‍a ‍visual ‍website ‍builder, ‍but ‍we ‍understand ‍some ‍Sparkle ‍users ‍want ‍to ‍extend ‍it ‍by ‍integrating ‍code ‍or ‍controlling ‍the ‍behavior ‍of ‍some ‍aspects ‍of ‍code ‍generation ‍to ‍better ‍fit ‍with ‍their ‍workflow. ‍These ‍are ‍very ‍niche ‍needs, ‍and ‍require ‍a ‍deep ‍understanding ‍of ‍how ‍they ‍affect ‍performance, ‍security, ‍and ‍privacy ‍of ‍the ‍generated ‍site. ‍This ‍is ‍why ‍we ‍have ‍separated ‍all ‍the ‍developer ‍tools ‍into ‍an ‍add-on.

I’m not quite sure in what way a code embed wouldn’t work for FastSpring. Adding stuff to the page <head> is generally not good for page performance.

I’m assuming that the code embed that you’re referring to is the one with the Developer Tools. I’ve read the docs at the link you provided but I’m not clear on how to do this from the existing documentation.

I’m looking at the Smart Field section to integrate a code snippet in text or buttons where it has a smartfield { some code } placeholder. How do I put a smartfield in the On Click event when defining a Sparkle button?

Or would I define a button in Sparkle and then in the On Click event, put something like go to a website called “{ some code}” and then Sparkle would find the “{ some code }” literal and replace the entire href with the embedded code?

Thanks much for any insight that you can provide although I’m starting to feel that I’m just better off doing this manually. At least then I have control of and understand what’s being done.

No the embed feature is available to everybody.

The way to run code when clicking a button is the on click action called “run JavaScript function”.

The smart field that embeds a code snippet and the run JavaScript button are only available with the developer tools.

Another option is to add code within a script tag in an embed block, then in an on click action set the external link to “javascript:your_function()”.

duncan, thanks for the information. Now it makes sense how this works.

If I buy the Developer Tools, is there additional documentation that comes with the Developer Tools that explains these types of things?

I’m afraid not. The moving parts are generally well known to web developers, but the documentation could certainly be improved.