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So question about layout across devices and font styles. If I quickly played out a site, but forgot to create font styles, should or can I go back and set styles for my desktop layout before say choosing the mobile 320px site. I initially turned on mobile and tried to edit the type in the mobile, but then realized it was affecting the desktop. Thought by turning on the only this device toggle that other device layouts wouldn’t be affected, but didn’t quite work that way.

Also on a related note, is it possible to create a totally different look for mobile, without affecting any of the other device sizes–in other words say the desktop site was finished, but you don’t want much if any of the features of that layout to show in the mobile.

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have a read here:
It says “if you have used text styles properly you can set a new text size on the mobile device, apply to style and it will only apply to the current device, resizing all your text instantly

You can have a different look but it is not advisable to create a new design for the mobile layout, that defeats the whole purpose of responsive design.
You should give the view the feel that they haven’t got linked to new website or spam website, so thats why it is advisable to keep the same layout optimised to mobile devices.

So was really asking, what if I didn’t setup styles before I designed the site and then clicked the mobile devices, which caused some problems when I tried to edit the mobile. Since the mobile now needs work, should I first go back to the desktop version and setup font styles after the fact?

With regard to the “redesign” of the mobile site, what I want to get rid of is a popup Lightbox that I created for my portfolio. This obviously won’t work on a phone so want to scrap the whole popup section and just include a few sample images (with a reference to view on a desktop to see my full portfolio).

My site is essentially a one page site.

Thanks and sorry if I wasn’t clear the first time

I have been that corner once too. What i have done is deleted the mobile sites (didn’t spend much time on it anyhow), went back to the desktop version and fix it as a whole with styles, after that i have created a mobile site again and everything was sweet. The styles in the mobile version could be adjusted without changing the desktop version.

If you don’t want to have certain sections, pictures, sites, … on your mobile side then each object has a checkbox for “Show on this device”

Don’t be sorry, I also was miss understanding a bit. English is not my first language so sometimes i am bit lost in translation :laughing:

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