Devices Questions 960 and 320

I’ve had a heck of a time w/ devices view. After rereading the Docs on devices I believe it says, get your 960 view correct, check your 320, make adjustments and you’re done. the other views will work from those two. is that true?

Second question, when you upload how do you make certain those two views are load up and no others?

Or am I way off in my assumptions?

Actually it’s more like:

  • get your 960 view correct
  • add the 320 device and adapt the layout for 320
  • when you then add the other devices, since their layout is scaled up or down from the nearest, it will all work out

When publishing the device layouts are all fused into a single site, there is no way to publish only some layouts. You probably don’t want that anyway, a responsive site is comprised by all layouts.


thanks, it’s back to work for me. Just when I thought I’d figured it out.

So let me see if I understand this correctly.
Design your site in 960 view first.
Add 320 after you have completed your work.
Tweak any problems represented by red boxes or warning triangles.
Add the next device.
Tweak any problems.
Add the next device.
So basically to get responsive, you have to sort of tweak multiple times?
And lastly. If you edit information on your after you have followed the above You should do so in the mobile setting?

Once you have the 960 and 320 devices, you don’t actually need to tweak much on other devices, because sparkle scales those layouts from the nearest device, which works out for the “in between” devices.