Different Logos on Separate Layouts

Is it possible to have different logos on page headers for different layouts?

I am using repeat on every page for the header and when I change the logo it changes across all layouts. The only way I can get the proper logos on the proper layouts in to add an additional logo and hide the logo I do not want to use for that particular layout.

Would be nice if you could have different images on different layout headers without have to show and hide multiple images.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome onboard @mliving! :slight_smile:

The only way to do that is to not include your logo with the group across every page, but add your different logos as per page. You can stick it to the top of the page (if that is what you are doing) by adding it to a box and grouping it…

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I think you can use ‘Sections’

When you say “layout”, do you mean the different devices? If YES, you are right. You have to hide unwanted elements per device.

Mr. F.

Yes, sorry I mean Layouts.

I hide the logos from the appropriate layouts but they still show up in Sparkle making editing difficult.


I just realized that there is a small icon in the top left of the layout area that let’s you hide elements not used in the current layout. DUH!

Thank for you assistance.