Disable "save photo as"

In the process of designing 2 additional websites involving photo galleries. In my current Sparkle designed website, www.imagesforrealestate.com, as well as some of the design templates, you can right click (two finger press) that open a menu with the option to “save photo as”. I don’t care on that website as simply examples of work. The ones I am designing though will be offering photos for sale and the last thing you want is the free download. In a search and checking others photo and art sites built with Sparkle, I see I can use the right click method. Some photo specific sites such as Zenfolio and Shootproof block that method - but unfortunately their web building flexibility is dismal. Is there any way to accomplish “disable - save as” in Sparkle Pro?

Hi @Tizeye, this question comes up from time to time, but there’s no effective technique for this.

Setting images as backgrounds of boxes instead of straight images might prevent the save as, but people can still view source, take screenshots, or use specialized tools if they want your images.

Thanks. Unfortunately, straight images is the only option as the intention if full resolution viewing and the option to purchase (please!!!). Could put a watermark in but people don’t like it even if dispelling a misconception and stating the obvious - “Will be removed on purchase” is the watermark. Wish could show you a live example where right click is not active but after setting up the A Record and CNAME at Dreamhost, going through DNS update and Zenfolio can’t see it to link. Could take up to 48 hours. But would be www.larrygrayphotography.com when activated.

Hi! I didn’t write this suggestion; just found it on the web. It’s for videos but same thing applies to images.

“This is how I do it in case anyone in the future is wondering.

I put this in the .htaccess file on the root server:

RewriteEngine on 
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)?domain.com/ [NC] 
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)?domain.com.*$ [NC]
RewriteRule \.(mp4|avi)$ - [F]

This stops them from say going to domain.com/videos/myVid.mp4 and then saving it from there.”

Here’s another post I found, an easy one to implement in Sparkle. Just add a transparent box layer over each photo!

“ As many have said, you can’t stop someone from downloading content. You just can’t.

But you can make it harder.

You can overlay images with a transparent div , which will prevent people from right clicking on them (or, setting the background of a div to the image will have the same effect).”

This is a really hard one because we are dealing with people. Most are respectful and honest, some are naive and haven’t informed themselves, and a small proportion likes to take part in dishonest practices because the world owes them! :frowning:

A deterrent is as far as you can go because there are so many more techniques that I’m aware of that can lift an image from the back-end of a website! Even hot-linking is a practice commonly used where they don’t have to lift anything!

Unfortunately what ever you put up on the web is open season to the “whatevers”, but for the majority there are the honest people that will do right by you! :slight_smile:

Have a read of this article (I know it talks about WordPress at times - evil! :)) which highlight a few more things that can be done but also says in the end lifting of your images comes with the territory - https://graphpaperpress.com/blog/protect-website-image-stealing/