Disabled images downloading?

Hi all,

I want to insert images on the web site… But I don’t want everybody have the possibility to upload the images…

Is there a way to block the image uploading ?

Thank you


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@Dimolden, I’ve read you post a couple of times and need to clarify…
Are you saying you have images that you don’t want replaced if your client is using the Sparkle app to make future updates to it? If that is the case you can right-click and lock the image but on their end they can unlock it once they know how.

Hi @Dimolden,

if your question is about preventing images from being downloaded from your site, there is no actual way to do that. While there are techniques to prevent right click or drag/drop, people will look at the page source or screenshot the image, neither can be prevented.

I would still like the option in Sparkle to stop a viewer of the website from dragging / right click to download images. I am aware that this is not a full proof way, but the average web viewer would not know how to view page source and grab the images from the html code of the website.


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@rimram, I know what you are saying but it is common knowledge in how to screenshot. I haven’t tried it but I wonder if you’d place a transparent box/transparent png image over the image if it would have the user download the transparent box/transparent png instead of your image?

If you are really concerned you can embed code into your image which makes it traceable or just watermark it. The web is open slather so the only thing you can do is state your images and content is copyright and using it in any means is prohibited and then now and gain “google - match my image” to catch anyone out… or just except it is part of the territory.


The fix is simple… the human race needs to have sincerity, integrity, honesty and truthfulness.
Now if @duncan can provide the code for that, he indeed would be up for a Nobel prize!



@rimram, Amen to that! Now if only the “corporate governments” allow the real governments back into power showing their citizens the ideal example of sincerity, integrity, honesty and truthfulness then this world would be a far better place!!! :slight_smile:

You can place a transparent PNG or GIF file to fully cover the “protected image” and it will take care of both the dragging and right clicking. It is an ineffective solution for the reasons stated so no need to support this in Sparkle directly.

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I found, I can place a clear box over and it is impossible to download…



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So, you want to annoy your customers?

No problem, just using ‘Grab selection’ and save it at .jpg. No one can prevent that.
So why put a box over the pics. ???

Possible to also include in ‘Embedded Content’ and copy-paste the following:

img {
    pointer-events: none;

Then Save… I tested it out and it seems to work fine. :grinning:

It will make all img elements non-reactive to any mouse events such as dragging, hovering, clicking etc.

Totally agree with trying to disable click and drag, or right click download… but it doesn’t stop anyone to take a screenshot of the image or using “page resources”! The best you can do is watermark your image and understand that it is part of the territory.

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Yeah I think the “part of the territory” is what everybody needs to internalize.

You can prevent any number of techniques, but ultimately whoever wants to steal an image only really needs one to work, and screenshots are really quick to take and crop.

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Yes, I totally agree with @greenskin and @duncan and we must all understand that this is “part of the territory” and having your photos/data online.

However, I do still believe that having images non-draggable, non-clickable provides a basic and simple first layer of deterrence (along with some kind of copyright notice and watermark).

People often go for a quick fix (right-click/drag), if they find that they cannot do this they might assume (psychologically and falsely) that the image is somehow protected (at least that has been my experience).

The majority of people do not know about page source and grabbing the image via the code. Also please correct me if I am wrong but when it comes to screenshots isn’t there a strong likelihood that the screenshot image will be of lower resolution than the original? Finally, the screenshot image might be cropped and not the full image like the original and also would not include the image name and other potential exif/metadata that the original image might have (I understand there are ways to strip images of this data if one wishes).

These all small “bonuses” but, when you are dealing with sensitive/private images/data (I am volunteering to help out a nonprofit charity create a site with photos of teachers, students, etc.), I feel that every little bit that helps counts. Anyway, that’s my general feel/opinion regarding this…

Speaking of nonprofits, Sparkle is amazing and perfect for charities with limited budgets and resources, thank you @duncan and the Sparkle team! :blush:

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@Marmalade, Totally get where you are coming from!

I do think the ones that want to download those images already know a few tricks and those are the ones who will use the images against the owners intellectual property and copyright. The occasional observer that really loves the image and tries but fails we really don’t have to worry about.

When I take a screenshot on my iMac in 5K retina it collects a 5Mb image minimum! Usually setting around 6-8Mb which is pretty decent, but like you mentioned it doesn’t come with the meta-info.

If the owner of the image is very serious then they will do two things - watermark the image like they do with stock images that you can purchase, and the second is to digitally embed (a service out there) where your image can be tracked across the web… a lot of lawsuits are the consequence!


I have actually tried this with the transparent box and I might not be setting up my box correctly but I can still drag my image and save somewhere else but I haven’t tried the .png method.@duncan the reason why I feel this would be a handy feature is when it comes to a .svg file, I create a lot of my logos in .svg and I don’t want to have to save to .png because of quality as well as the size factor. But by having the .svg file on my site I am basically giving someone my vector file to do with as they please.


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It’s trivial to steal that as well.

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