Documentation update

Hey everybody,

you might have noticed that we had a hard time updating our documentation. Essentially it can be chalked up to growing pains, we’re spread a bit thin and didn’t manage to find the time to do proper documentation updates, plus keeping up with translations and provide a (frequently requested) PDF/printable version.

We’ve started working with @francbrowne on this, and you might have noticed from his contributions that Frank and his team are experienced with Sparkle and have a nice clear style in explaining.

The goal of this new collaboration is to track new Sparkle features more closely, and deepen the material in terms of both a more reference style and a more “how to” style.

Frank has already overhauled several sections of the documentation, and our ongoing collaboration ensures it will be kept fresh. As a first step, just so that we (the core Sparkle team) aren’t a bottleneck, it would be great if you could check out a pre-release of the updated documentation and let us know of anything you think needs to be fixed. Feel free to comment below or email us at – either works.

Also let me plug “the book” again:

Thanks for the help and support!


This is starting to look fantastic now. Franc is doing amazing work and his style is crystal clear. Keep it coming. The software is maturing at a rate now and continued development at this rate rivals all the competition.

I really appreciate your valuable feedback. User input, whether positive or negative, is instrumental in ongoing efforts to enhance the Sparkle software. Your insights help refine not only the software itself but also the accompanying documentation, ensuring a seamless experience for all users. Thank you for contributing to the improvement effort.