Does Sparkle work with alll Google fonts

Dear all
I’m just starting out with Sparkle [used to use Adobe Muse, RIP] on a big project for a marine charity, so will probably have lots of questions in the coming weeks and months.
Job 1 is a basic corporate identity - logo etc. Are there any limitations on using Google fonts in Sparkle? And as regards the logo, do I import as line art from Illustrator etc or as a PNG/TIFF ?

Hi @editorken, welcome :slight_smile:

Google never clarified what information they collect from visitors of sites referencing Google fonts directly from Google’s servers, so we switched to embedding fonts in the site. Sparkle has an index of fonts sourced from Google fonts, but the font files are then embedded in the site. If a font is missing you can download it from Google fonts and add it in Sparkle via the custom web fonts section of the font panel.

If you can export the logo as SVG, that’s probably best (scales to all devices and resolutions). Otherwise PNG. TIFF isn’t a web standard and Sparkle would automatically turn that into a PNG.