Drop down menu changes at random?

Hi, I am having a problem with drop down menu. See attached photo: the sub-menu in menu item “moon” has been edited such that the sub menu items are in chronological order (i.e. “2009” at the top, “2016” further down). That is as it should be.

But…after having made a number of other edits to my web-site, I accidentally discover, that the order of the sub menu items has changed, i.e. “2009” is suddenly now further down, while (e.g.) “2016”, or “2011” have moved up. That is kind of “not very nice” as it seems to happen at random. Any idea how to cure that ?

@Chris1953, Sounds weird so maybe Duncan is your man, but the obvious… Would you have reordered your pages (in the left hand column) by any chance?

HI greenskin, no, the pages themselves have not been re-ordered, it’s just the items in the drop down menu which change their order

Sounds like it might be a bug, never seen this. Could you send the project file to feedback@sparkleapp.com with some detail on how to see the issue.