Easiest way to start a new Sparkle website with fonts and colours of old Sparkle one

As the title says: I would like to start a new website in Sparkle that has the same fonts (for titles, body, subtitles etc.) and the same colour palette as another website I made with Sparkle.
Is there an easy way to do that?
(I tried by copying a page of the old website into a new one, make it the home page of the new one, but it didn’t do the above …)

You should make a copy of the original sparkle file and open that in the app. You can then delete all the content and pages from the project, which should still leave all the original colours and text styles intact. This will give you a ‘clean slate’ to start a new site.

Thanks @francbrowne for your reply. I was thinking about trying that, too. But because the original site is LARGE, I thought there must be an easier way that I just couldn’t figure out.

As per me the fonts used for titles, body text, and subtitles, as well as the color codes used throughout the original website. Then, manually apply these fonts and colors in your new Sparkle project. You can go with each text element and adjust the font settings in the Text inspector panel. The colors using the Color inspector panel to match those from the original site. your new website to ensure consistency and make any necessary adjustments to achieve the desired look.

Thanks @yasminali I don’t quite understand your first sentence, but the suggestion is what I find annoyingliy complicated and was looking for an easier way. I think that all the font and colour settings must be embedded in the .sparkle file and hoped that one can extract these and inject into a new file.

Anyways: I went for @francbrowne 's suggestion, copied the original sparkle, opened the copy, deleted all the pages and saved it with a new empty home page and of course a new name. That worked and wasn’t that bad: deleting pages is done quickly.