Edit the html file directly?

Hi Sparklers:

I’m wondering if there are known drawbacks to editing a raw .html file. That is, would Sparkle have issues if I accessed an html file and edited it using a server’s File Manager program?

I ask with interest to alter some text only because occasionally I find simple typos (No! they’re not misspellings! :innocent:) that I want to fix. It seems overkill to re-upload the whole site for just a few letters. Yes, certainly I would need to fix the typo in Sparkle too or it would reappear on the next upload.

Any thoughts?


Surely you can correct small (text) errors this way. But you should fix them in the Sparkle project at the same time, so that they are not overwritten the next time you publish.

As you know, Sparkle rewrites ALL html pages every time you publish.

Mr. F.

I think the best way to go about this is see Sparkle in two ways…

  • a fantastic website design platform, and
  • it is your local drive CMS (Content Management System)

There is far less effort in correcting the typos and hitting publish, as opposed to opening your browser, logging into your cPanel, hunting through the navigation, launching the editor, hunting down the page, editing the typos, and hitting save… and then you still have to come back to Sparkle and correct the typos . For me I would stick with Sparkle and publish! :slight_smile:

Agree, and helpful summary of Sparkle’s purposes. Sparkle’s upload process is (usually) so convenient, why hassle to edit an html file?

A few possibilities come readily to my fingers:

  1. When with online access but without access to the Sparkle App,
  2. When in the process of updating an already published project but not ready to fully update,
  3. When working on a different project and someone notifies of the ‘typo’,
  4. When a project is large that taxes one’s ISP speed,

Anyway, as expected, the html edit worked fine.
[You… your… damn ‘r’ is too easy to miss!] :grin:

Possibility confirmed; but, yeah, usually better to just hit Sparkle’s convenient publish button.