Element with Fixed Position

Hi community,

Still learning so here’s my current challenge:

I need to place an element that always has a fixed position
on the page (and is always visible also while scrolling).

Thanks in advance fro your answers!

Hi Charles.

A popup with a fixed position will do that:

Mr. F.

Thanks Horst,

I knew that one, the only thing is that it’s not ideal (due to the close X button)
I am hoping something better :slight_smile:

see if the WhatsApp icon on this page is the effect that you desires.

If it is, then you should group the element with an invisble box - then, using the group inspector panel on right side, choose what behavior you’d want from it. In this specific case, it is fixed to browser bottom with a invisible box giving it height from the page bottom itself

Hi Charles, you can simply delete X button.
I did it the way Mr_Fozzie described and it works fine on my page Zegary

Hi guys,

Here’s a good example at codepen.io of what i am looking for:

Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 21.56.10

I think this may work, thanks @zbr
Going to play with it and see if indeed it’s what i can use

I’ll let you know

@zbr , @Mr_Fozzie and @primo

Again thanks all for your answers / replies.

I went for @zbr and @Mr_Fozzie suggestion, and it worked.
The only drawback (imho) is controlling the positioning of the popup,
what you see on the canvas is not what shows on the browser.
(below i have added a canvas + a browser screenshot, so you can see what i mean)


Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 10.01.27

@primo 's method may also be a good alternative (i will have at look at it)

BTW - @zbr very nice site you made