Elk website made with Sparkle

I live in a mountain community where Rocky Mountain Elk wander through from time to time. I’m retired so I started filming them. These creatures are not native to the Tehachapi Mountains in Southern California where I live. Some were transported here in the mid 1960s and they’ve prospered. Anyway, I loved using Sparkle to show a roundup video of some elk I filmed this year.


Hello and Happy Holidays to California.

I had a quick look at your website. Good Job. You did not build a page for smartphone devices, didn’t you?

You should make a sticky header menu for all devices.
The “back to the top” button is obsolete (your visitors know how to scroll through a page)

Keep it up!

Mr. F.

Hi Peter, you’ve developed a nice website, with awesome footage. I’m into video aswell and teach beginners how to use FCPX: https://www.moevi.nl/fcpx.html Greetings from the Netherlands!