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I’m trying to get this to work. When I check the box “activate after consent” it doesnt appear even after I have consented. If I uncheck the box it appears no problem.

It is a “verification seal” from a third party website. I’m not a coder. I just copied and pasted the code

Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @mccauld,

it appears that particular code is not compatible with Sparkle’s feature of activating external content after consent. Unfortunately it happens, we sort of change code around a little to be able to load it on the fly in the page, when consent is given, and this doesn’t quite work for all kinds of code.

The only workaround I can suggest is placing that code in a plain html file, either uploading the plain html file via FTP or using the web host file manager. Once you can find that file in the browser (yourdomain.com/file.html works and shows the seal) you can then copy/paste that address in a Sparkle embed box. Sparkle will produce the code for an iframe that I think will work fine.

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Thanks Duncan. Great advice on the workaround and well explained

Hi there.

Now that you have a working solution, you could remove the code for yor seal :wink:

Just a idea.

Mr. F.

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