Experience message after last update

Experience message after last update.

I have some problems with the slide shows in secured (with password) pages. The show stops and right after that I get the 503 error (using Firefox). For now I have solved it by disabling the add-ons, but sometimes it still freezes for a while.
The pages that I secure work great and it is very easy to assign permissions per page. Compliments.

Grtz Ton

Hi @Ton1949, we are not aware of any bug in the area of password protection with 4.0.5. Can you please send us a project demonstrating the problem to feedback@sparkleapp.com?


Thanks a lot. It’s on its way to you.
Take the time…

For those keeping track, this turned out to be a web host issue running PHP, which is a requirement for password protected content.

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Thanks for the research Duncan !

Also important to mention is the fact that many providers have the option to allow a PHP boost on your website. It implies that because of this, the websites would be faster. In my issue, after turning off the boost, the biggest problem was solved. Of course is an updated version of your browser recommended.