Explain please, the difference of an Image in a box vs a Image in a image box

What would be better, in this case for a Hero?
top of page… I started to build from scratch and used a box and placed an image.
I then tried loading from template BioEnergie.
She seems to have used an image container.
They are not behaving the same .
Not Sure which I should be using and or why.

@jfmusic, The first one (image in a box) becomes a box with a background image in CSS terms. The second one (image in an image box - aka container) becomes the container for the image that you place within it. You can also place an image on the canvas which is the same thing.

An image placed in an image container or on the canvas will allow for good SEO which isn’t the case when you place an image in a box or widebox.


There are “Style” and “Arrange” differences between the two.

Image in an Image Box cannot have Blur applied to it and cannot be made “full page with”. Image in a Box allows Blurring and Full Page Width but cannot have “On Click” and “Animate on Scroll” actions applied, nor be made to only “Load When Visible”.

If you create a blank page in Sparkle and add and Image in an Image box and Image in a Box side-by-side it’s easy to see the differences.


Then in theory, you would “SEO concern” an image other than a nondescript (Texture) background?

SEO is only concerned with the content on your page (the HTML in the body) Background images are referenced in the style tags of the page (the CSS) because the image forms part of a design element. Therefore, there is no need for search engines to index those images because people are not likely to be searching for your styling elements. Images placed within the body of your page will be seen by search engines because they form part of your page content - something that people will want to search for. So, if you want your images to be available to search engines, place them as images in the body of your page. If they are just styling elements, place them in a box.

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Thank you all for your help!

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@jfmusic, Yes if it is part of your content - which the search engines will use to index your website. If it is for styling your page then placing the image in a box or widebox is the go…