Favicon in Opera and Safari and maybe nowhere to see

It might be the same or a different issue as one of the previous posts - I cannot get one specific favicon to show up here: https://www.steinmetzinnung-ortenau.de
like I have it here: https://bewaehrtesbewahren.de.

Of course I cleared browsewr cache and did the same for Safari as written in another post with that: Go-Go To-Library-etc.

I also tried png, png 8bit and it shows up pretty well in the corresponding settings window:

Do I just have to wait? I never had this issue so far. I use both, Opera and Safari to check.

Thanks in advance and Kind Regards,

Hi Uwe.

Don’t know if that makes you happy. The favicon is there (Safari 17.4.x) but barely visible.

Bildschirmfoto 2024-04-24 um 15.05.23

I would try to increase the contrast and/or a solid color for the background.
The thin lines almost disappear.

Mr. F.

Seems to be on the touchbar on IOS? Thanks I checked it. Shoule be better now?

Thanka and Kind Regards,

And finally one can see the favicon.

Gorgeous - really seems to need some time on the way …


It usually helps if you clear the browser cache!

Like I said, I cleared the browser cache several times in between 2 hours, so …
… and also did that safari-library-favicon thing,

But anyway, finally it appeared after three hours.

Kind Regards,