Feature Request (Animations)

I’ve been using Sparkle for a while now, after quitting a number of other web design tools. I think Sparkle might really be the best one out there, especially in terms of ease of use, speed and features. However I am still missing a few, which I have gotten used to having available in some other tools.

I actually made a list, but most importantly I miss some animation features I was used to in other tools, especially scroll based animation, which moves as you scroll. There’s a lot of things possible with that creatively, that one simply can’t accomplish with the regular animations. They are pretty, but scroll based animation is able to serve a story far more purposefully.

Furthermore some animation controls like those in Keynote would be a real nice to have: Like the ones with “On click/ with previous animation/ after previous animation”.

And lastly it would be great to have some better controls over different screen sizes, ideally by working with percentages and to be able to adjust the different screen sizes to more modern devices and resolutions.

There’s a lot more I would wish for, like dark mode, playing videos via scroll or mouse movement based interactions, but those are not as important as the other things mentioned above.

With features like scroll-based animation, timed/connected animation controls and percentage based sizing there would be very little left to build for example some of those amazing apple product pages, that inspire so many web designers.

Thanks for all this. Yes there’s a lot missing, but it’s worth talking about it because of what’s there :slight_smile:

We have a long road of upgrades ahead of us.