Feature Request: Button text options

I created a couple buttons with probably more text than a button is typically used for. At any rate, there does not seem to be a way to control how text behaves in a button. I want some empty space around the text, but no matter how I size the text, it by default spreads itself edge to edge within the button box. Would love to see more control over text within a button. I suppose a blank button could be created and use a text box on top of it, but that seems like an unnecessary step when it should all be possible to do just with the button dialogue. Thanks.

Yes you are right @updeinva, a button out in the wild isn’t used that way.

A better way would be a text box and then place a button over the top of it matching the text box dimensions, or maybe you can be more creative with the popup feature where you hover over a button and a text box popups above it?