Feature request: Device views

Under the device views menu when a particular view is unchecked all layout styling for that device is removed.

Can we have the ability for this to be preserved?

I ask because I mis-clicked the button for desktop and landscape tablets and lost all of the layout styles for that view, having to go in and re-position many elements.

Also another feature request:
Would it be possible to use video files as the content in a box?
I’d like to have a video display full bleed as a parallax background for one section only, not the entire page.


Clicking the “-” is indeed destructive, and the only solution is to undo. Sorry.

There’s no way to use the video as a box background currently. You could conceivably place the video as background and cover the rest of the page with full-width boxes, but it feels like a hack.

We should definitely add full width videos.


@duncan, I would love love love to be able to use full width videos! :slight_smile: Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

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Ah right, seeing that it is destructive, could you add in an “are you sure?” Warning prompt just to be safe?

That solution for full width video does seem to be working reasonably well for now. I agree that it seems like a total hack though haha.